Director's Message

We have the First fully digital school in Vaishali, especially for your child

A Greek saying goes like: a society grows where old men plant trees, whose shades they know, they shall never sit in. Years ago, this seedling of an idea for a better future was rooted in my mind. And this project became my dream.

After years of toil and hard work of my team, we have succeeded in laying the foundation of a bright future. This is our belief that, we at ANNEX, together can fabricate a strong future and give the upcoming generation, a powerful system of education. We proudly claim to be the first, fully computer based system of schooling in Vaishali district. There is a need of letting the upcoming generation be fully prepared for the fast paced technological advancements.

Although we aim to provide the education through a futuristic approach, we also pledge to maintain the ethicality and feeling of teamwork and human introspection in our duties. In my mission of creating a better class of scholars that will go ahead to become great achievers, educators, inspirers; and above all; a true humanitarian; I seek your help, guidance and suggestions in all the ratios of our task. Godspeed!

Harishchandra Roy

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